The problem

Every day, problems that occur at very short notice have to be solved worldwide with emergency logistics.

The typical cases are, for example, the disruption of a machine in an essential production process, an aircraft-on-ground incident, or the urgent need for a production good that did not arrive on time along the planned route.

These events require the immediate delivery of a spare part or production equipment. Even highly urgent document deliveries, which are to be made securely in the original, are handled by emergency logistics.

The PRIOjet Logistics platform makes it possible . . .

for companies to obtain quotations for their emergency logistics orders at very short notice and then have them processed safely and optimally by the fastest route

for the logistics agencies to be able to calculate, plan and execute the order in the best possible way, and

for on-board couriers to be able to transport and deliver the logistics goods to the destination as quickly as possible with regular exchanges and updates to all those involved in the process.

The team behind PRIOjet Logistics

We build and operate the platform for Time Critical Transports.