The best way for time critical shipments

– time critical transports OBC –

We are the neutral platform for logistics agencies and on-board-couriers (OBC) to initiate and handle emergency logistics orders for companies with very urgent transport needs.


with time-critical transports that requires a very fast and professional solution

PRIOjet Logistics

makes it possible to quickly engage an already known logistics agency or find a suitable one for a specific order, obtain a quote, place an order, and track the shipment in real time.

Logistics Agency

offers its customers the fastest possible worldwide transportation in cooperation with on-board couriers

PRIOjet Logistics

makes it possible to quickly request the suitable and, at the same time, available courier. It also calculates the order, and submits the offer within a few minutes, integrates further with service providers and carries out the handling of the transport with real-time tracking of the OBC in a highly professional manner, up to the invoicing for the client.


transports very time-critical shipments as soon as possible in close cooperation with the logistics agency

PRIOjet Logistics

lets the OBC create his profile, set his availability status to his partners, connect to the OBC community, use the order processing tool, and many other services to make him start, execute and finish his orders in the best possible way.


We provide a unique service

An emergency logistics order, which is a highly time-critical transport request, presents the ordering company that needs transport as quickly as possible, the logistics agency, and the on-board courier (OBC) with always new and completely order-specific challenges from the beginning to the completion of the order. PRIOjet Logistics, as a platform, supports each party involved in the order by providing services to ensure the best possible execution and fastest possible transport.