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Is the payment safe and compliant?

Our payment provider as merchant of record, handle all the tax and compliance on every payment. He automatically collect sales tax & VAT on every transaction. He register, charge and remit sales tax in over 100 jurisdictions. Sales tax is applied automatically to every payment through Billing.

  • Collect the right amount of tax in any region
  • Automatic registration per region
  • Automatic filing and payment across all regions
  • Stay in line with regulatory changes through automatic updates

Full data protection & regulatory compliance for your payment

Our payment stays with the latest security and privacy regulations around the world. Comply with data protection laws in EU, California, Switzerland and more.

SOC 2 certified

Our payment provider is fully committed to data privacy and security, and have successfully completed Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit.

GDPR compliant

Our payment provider and its payments partners are compliant with legal, regional, and payment-related regulations including GDPR.


Our payment provider is PCI DSS SAQ A compliant – this means that we do not directly store card information and are PCI Compliant for web transactions only.


Our payment provider and its payments partners are compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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