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The one platform for Logistics Agencies, On-board Couriers, and Companies. Whether you’re on mobile or on your desktop.

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Focused on providing all the services needed for managing Emergency Logistics so that you don’t have to switch apps just to find OBCs and create job orders!

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By complying to GDPR standards, data privacy and security are on top priority.

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This year, we have launched our application for web, Android, and iOS and it just keeps getting better!


Empowering all the actors involved in carrying out an urgent delivery

An emergency logistics order, a time-critical transport, involves both the ordering company, which needs transport as quickly as possible, the logistics agency and the on-board courier (OBC) from start to finish. The order always presents new completely order-specific challenges. The PRIOjet Logistics platform empowers everyone involved in the order with services to ensure the best possible execution and fastest possible transit.

Neutral Partner

PRIOjet connects time-critical transport logistics service providers worldwide and enable them to optimally accept customer orders and provide the best possible services with our platform.

Intelligent IT

Our platform learns and incorporates experience from past orders into new orders (Al, machine learning). This means that orders can be optimally planned and carried out with the lowest possible risk of complications.

Data Protection

Protecting your operational order and profile data is very important to us. We therefore process these exclusively in Europe in data centers with high data protection and high data security concepts.

Speed and Transparency

Everyone involved in the transport process is informed in real-time about the status, receives the information relevant to their area of responsibility immediately via the platform and can provide information and documents for further processing.

Misunderstandings are avoided.

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with time critical transport needs and requires a very fast professional solution
PRIOjet Logistics

makes it possible to quickly commission the already known logistics agency or find a suitable one for the specific order, obtain the offer and place the order as well as track the shipment in real time.

offers its customers the fastest possible worldwide transport in cooperation with on-board couriers
PRIOjet Logistics

makes it possible to quickly request the right and available courier, calculate the order, submit the offer within a few minutes, integrate other service providers and carry out the transport with real-time tracking in a highly professional manner together with the OBC right up to the billing for the client.

transports very time-critical shipments immediately in close cooperation with the logistics agency
PRIOjet Logistics

offers the OBC the creation of its profile and to be able to set its availability to its partner agencies and the OBC community, the order processing tool and many other services in order to be able to optimally start, carry out and complete its orders.