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Logistics Agencies

Say goodbye to non-transparent OBC availability and the multiple channels to organise, contact and execute time-critical orders.
Traditionally, as an agency, when handling very time-critical shipments, logistics you get lost in using standard and individual tools on different systems.
PRIOjet Logistics Helps You Manage Your OBC Orders Faster, Safer And More Cost-Efficient.

Now with PRIOjet Logistics at the palm of your hand, it will now be a breeze to manage your OBC network, create and track your transport jobs, and stay updated about everything.

Use the all-in-one PRIOjet Logistics system to contact and commission the most suitable and available on-board courier from your network, calculate the order, send the offer to your customer within minutes, integrate further service providers and execute the order with real-time tracking. Ensuring that the time-critical shipment arrives at its destination as quickly, secure and conveniently as possible.

Real-time OBC availability overview

Real-time and future availabilities connect you with the perfect courier, saving you valuable time and eliminating constant re-sharing.

Track and Trace & chat function

Safely exchange images, documents, and messages with your On-board couriers in dedicated job chats for thorough mission documentation...

Courier Profiles

Access anytime comprehensive and up-to-date information about your couriers, including base airports, language knowledge, experience, driver's licenses, visas, travel documents and more!

Get OBCs apply right at your doorstep

You’ve tried to expand your OBC network, but OBCs always send you incomplete and sometimes empty applications. Now, with an additional service, you can find the right OBC for expanding your business by having a streamlined OBC application flow, directly integrated to your PRIOjet profile.
The Platform for All

The one platform for Logistics Agencies, On-board Couriers, and Companies. Whether you’re on mobile or on your desktop.

One App does it all

Focused on providing all the services needed for managing Emergency Logistics so that you don’t have to switch apps just to find OBCs and create job orders!

Security and Privacy at the core

By complying to GDPR standards, data privacy and security are on top priority.

Try it out now!

This year, we have launched our application for web, Android, and iOS and it just keeps getting better!