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Simplify the process of communication with logistics agencies.
Existing logistics communication methods are fragmented and time-consuming, leading to delays in receiving quotations, complex shipment tracking procedures, and a lack of centralization for handling critical and time-sensitive transport services. This results in inefficiencies, operational bottlenecks, and suboptimal customer experiences.
PRIOjet Logistics allows you to improve your planning and increase your productivity.

Efficiently request and receive fast quotations, simplify shipment tracking, and consolidate all time-sensitive transport processes onto a single, user-friendly platform.

One app for all your needs

PRIOjet Logistics consolidates time-critical transport services into a centralized platform, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency.

Safely and securely Manage your agency network

PRIOjet Logistics platform enables companies to place orders to their established network of logistics agencies and adds a pool of new agencies specialized in time-critical transports. With PRIOjet Logistics, the placement of orders, and the tracking of shipments in real-time are seamlessly integrated into their logistics processes.
The Platform for All

The one platform for Logistics Agencies, On-board Couriers, and Companies. Whether you’re on mobile or on your desktop.

One App does it all

Focused on providing all the services needed for managing Emergency Logistics so that you don’t have to switch apps just to find OBCs and create job orders!

Security and Privacy at the core

By complying to GDPR standards, data privacy and security are on top priority.